Mikrotik Master Distributor and Value added Distributor in GHANA

Capitalizing on more than two decades of experience, Bridge Technologies has grown to become one of the leading deployers and distributors of ICT equipment and infrastructure and low-current solutions in West Africa. We have consistently responded to the increased demand for technology, leveraging our capabilities in systems integration and IT infrastructure solutions to provide several successful implementations.

Coupled with our highly talented and skilled engineers, Bridge Technologies enjoys an excellent reputation for technical innovation, value addition, and taking quality to ever higher levels.

With branches in Ghana, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso, we continue to make a positive impact, spearheading the development of the information technology market through the supply and deployment of high-end Artifificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) equipment in Africa’s fastest-growing region.

Vision & Mission

To become the number one supplier and integrator of unconventional Information Technology and low-current solutions for major African industries.

  • To combine specialist knowledge with a broad range of ICT and multimedia products.
  • To effectively deploy tried-and-true solutions based on commercially available, cutting-edge technologies.
  • To meet the specifific needs of our clients with a high level of integrity and customer satisfaction.

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