Access Control Systems

An access control system allows you to manage, monitor and maintain who has access to specifific areas and at what time they can access them. The purpose of the access control system is to provide quick, convenient access control for authorized persons while restricting access for unauthorized individuals and is designed to protect and secure areas or restricted zones in a building.

With their high adaptability, we deploy devices suitable for various application scenarios and can be integrated with multiple devices, such as card readers, locks or push buttons, to satisfy any user’s unique requirements. Access control systems vary in terms of complexity and types consisting of;

Our deployment and services demonstrate our commitment to digital transformation for a safer, more intelligent, and more connected world.

Time Attendance Systems

Time attendance systems are one of the most important tools for businesses. They allow you to easily track the hours worked by all of your employees, safeguarding your company from costly and time-consuming payroll errors.

Our solutions provide great flflexibility, as they allow you to set different attendance policies depending on the needs of individual employees. Also, they can be easily integrated into your existing payroll system, saving you time and effort. And best of all, these systems are incredibly user-friendly. You can easily monitor attendance in real-time, keeping employees accountable and quickly and effificiently identifying any problems.

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