Audio-Visual Systems

Integration of
Audio-Visual Systems

Meetings and presentations are an indispensable part of the life of every company, institution or organization. To meet current requirements and standards, integrated audio-visual systems in conference rooms, lecture halls or multimedia premises need to be effificient and more seamless.

Thanks to our broad range of multimedia solutions available, we design and execute modern audio and video integration for offifice spaces, hotels, conference centres, and other public buildings.

Public Address
(PA) Systems

Traditionally, a sound system comprises three essential components: source, amplifification, and speakers. These systems alert people in airports, banks, shopping malls, schools, hospitals and other public places in case of emergency and broadcast announcements and music in typical situations.

As an independent system integrator and solutions provider, we design and implement tailored system solutions of superior performance to provide reliable and high-quality sound around the clock.


Videoconferencing systems are the best solution if it is impossible to bring all meeting participants into one venue. Our system provides the participants in the room with mutual visibility via a projector screen and unlimited verbal communication with the other participants physically located elsewhere. All video-conference participants can work on the same documents or computer applications, holding virtual meetings.

Tv/ Satellite

We also provide TV/ SAT systems on a commercial-only basis for hotels, residential and commercial buildings. Services include:

Training premises

Superb sound, modern multimedia equipment, and professional service are a standard expected by conference or training participants. Therefore, when designing such spaces, we focus on selecting a suitable control system to enable easy and seamless control of all the audio-visual and multimedia components.

We offer discussion systems for conversation management, and modern simultaneous interpretation systems to support real-time translation of an international speaker’s contributions directly to each participant.

Each system is designed and programmed per the client’s needs and budget.

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